My Background

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I’m Patrick, owner and massage therapist of 1 Life 1 Body Therapeutic Massage LLC.  I discovered massage therapy 26yrs ago after suffering a serious lower back injury. Massage helped me return to a life of activity and less pain.  After an awesome experience with massage, I decided to pursue massage therapy as a profession. 1 Life 1 Body offers a client focused environment that focuses on the needs of our clients. We strive to achieve lasting results through client participatory care. Our goal is to return you to a more independent life.


My Approach

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My approach ..... every "body" is different. I never approach 2 the same. Every massage is customized to the needs of the client. It's a partnership in wellness. The goal is to have you feeling better leaving than when you walked in. That is an iterative process many times. But we achieve it together.